Mehem is the new jewellery designer on the block whose creations can be found at the stylish Colette store in Paris. With his divine ring designs he combines luxury with coolness.


Mehem does what no one else does. Totally dedicated to the most beautiful and stylish, Mehem designs for the people he identifies himself with. Being indispensable in New York and Paris' underground/fashion scene, Mehem, the trend setter, knows what the most magnificent women in the world want, because he knows them. He is always modern and beyond convention.

"I love beautiful things. It started with paintings and music and now, I complete my vision with my jewellery, where I can mix all my influences and knowledge of the world of glitter".
Instead of showing off his past achievements and using his fashion connections, Mehem prefers to remain in the shadows and hide behind his eponymous label.
"It would be easy to promote my real name. I want people to love my jewellery and my designs, not my face and my past achievements".
The fact that he is reluctant to reveal his personality is part of Mehem's style. His jewellery is like nothing else; it's special, with different facades. This leaves room to dream, about precious jewellery and its designer…


Mehem is precious, royal, and luxurious, just like us as we are all princesses at heart. The time for conservatism is over, Mehem is here. Diamond, pearl or gold? Don't hold back in showing that you're worth it.
Mehem's style is individual, like you. It's up to you to choose among the best of the best. Mehem makes your dreams come true. Mehem is desired like no other.
Black diamonds (cz), golden hearts, mother-of-pearl, sparkling cubic zirconium, whatever you want, what ever you choose, you can be sure you will possess the most unique accessories you've ever seen. The rings are available in silver and gold plated silver with cubic zirconium stones in black and white.
Mehem is an overload, with shapes that have never been seen before. It's up to you to mix and create your own personal style. The rings have a distinct feature from which you can start your own Mehem collection. At first sight the design looks oversized, but a side view will reveal the ring's delicate thinness. It means you can wear up to 10 Mehem rings on one finger and therefore have more and more of “Mehem”. Made by a star for today's princess, Mehem is sheer glitter, glamour and pure luxury.


According to Egyptian mythology, Mehem was a divine feminine figure. The snake Goddess Mehem went to the sun God Ra in the night and embraced him… Mehem loves this story and wishes he can change the world a bit himself and bring more beauty and happiness to it.


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Karharina Kowalewski,
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